Brand Refresh
Year — 2018

C&A is an iconic clothing retailer that is part of every Brazilian's life. 
We all remember being in its stores and watching its commercials throughout our lives.
It was so part of our daily life that it feels nostalgic to most of us.

But nostalgia is not enough for a brand. Somehow, C&A lost track with the pop culture and when it arrived they were asking for a complete reshape. We started with the visual identity: with a flexible composition scheme, we generated dozens of new patterns coming from the brand's logo. We explored the most remarkable icon of the brand to make C&A more C&A than ever. This new visual identity took over the 500 stores all over the country, and the tagline created a new tone of voice for the brand across all of their channels. It's a new brand. It's the same brand.

C&A Muito Eu

With: Wieden+Kennedy — Client: C&A — Role: Design Director / Creative Director

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