Visual Id
Year — 2016

HV is Kobe Bryant’s belief that people can channel the villain that lives inside them to become heroes. The visual identity explores dark, dramatic background scenes. Handmade type was created for each of the dark feelings, and the virtues they can become.

Retirement Letter

On November 29, 2015, after 20 seasons, Kobe Bryant decided to announce his retirement from basketball.
That day, Lakers fans who went to see their team play at Staples Center found an envelope on each seat.
In that envelope was a goodbye letter from Kobe. Those 30,000 fans were the first ones to find out this would be his last season. Before the game ended, the letter was all over the news. Several media outlets, big and small, talked about it. A few hours after, people were selling the letters on e-bay for up to $1,000 each.

Kobe Bryant Hero Villain

With: DDB New York — Client: Kobe Bryant INC. — Role: Design Director / Creative

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