Book Design
Brand Content
Year — 2018

Magnum Ice Cream has always been about pleasure. Pleasure that goes beyond ice cream.
Magnum Photos, at its heart, stands for truth. Truth that transcends photography.

We wanted to celebrate those who go beyond judgments and live their true pleasure as if nobody is watching.
This is how Magnum by Magnum was born. A photographic journey through the meaning of true pleasure, shown through the eyes of some of the most renowned photographers in the world.

Alex Majoli — Alex Webb — Bruno Barbey — Chien-Chi Chang — Chris Steel-Perkins Cristopher Anderson — Constantine Manos — Cristina Garcia Rodero — David Alan Harvey — Eli Reed — Ian Berry — Jonas Bendiksen — Martin Parr
Matt Stuart — Nikos Economopoulos — Olivia Arthur — Steve McCurry — Thomas Hoepker

Magnum by Magnum

With: LOLA Madrid / Magnum Photos — Client: Magnum Ice Cream — Role: Design Director / Creative

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