Year — 2017
2017 was a very divisive year all around the globe.
Trump inauguration, Brexit plebiscite, immigration crisis and police brutality were just a few of the reasons—or consequences—of it.

As a way to join the conversation and help people reflect about it, Tribeca Film Festival invited its audience to see themselves in others through stories. Reminding the importance of sharing the feelings of other people, and reinforcing the fact that great movies allow us to do that.

The prints, shot by Toby Coulson illustrates some of the most controversial discussions nowadays, such as the refugee crisis, racism, homophobia and religious intolerance.

The film 'See Yourself in Others', features people from different religious, cultural, and class backgrounds, wearing a five-sided mirrored cube on their head, venturing into places where they’re typically viewed as “the other.” Onlookers who encounter them are confronted with their own reflection on the body of the other— forcing them to literally see themselves in others.
Directed by Jared Knecht

See Yourself in Others

With: DDB New York — Client: Tribeca Film Festival — Role: Design Director / Creative

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